The Colombia Project Fair was born in 2016, seeking an international opening process, thus achieving that Rotarians and Foreign Districts are present in our country to jointly build projects. Participation in the Project Fair opens opportunities for all clubs in Districts 4271 and 4281 to reach out and connect with the World of Rotary. In doing so, we create bonds of Friendship and Service with Rotarians and International Districts.

You, Rotarians and clubs don’t miss out this unique opportunity to partner. Register your projects, take advantage of this occasion to learn how to show your club internationally and work for the benefit of the community.

More than $ US 2,400,000

The previous Project Fairs have been very important and have given us great support for various clubs and significant changes for our communities in various cities of Colombia. Until February 2020, contributions to more than 32 Global Grants have been registered and for more than $ US 2,400,000. in projects.

Register on Barranquilla 2023

"Imagine Rotary"

Chairman María Claudia Pérez López

Rotary Coordination Assistant 2021-2022, COCHAIRMAN PROJECT FAIR COLOMBIA 2022 - 2023, NGTS Instructor 2021-2022, District Instructor 2021-2024, General Promotion Coordinator of the Rotary Institute of Cartagena 2021 - 2022, Rotary Club Bucaramanga Ciudad de los Parks, Member of the ROTALATINOS Association. Rotary Club Barranquilla Norte - Contact: +57 (314) 550-5800 - Email: mariclau68@hotmail.com

Co-chairman Andrés Gómez Ocampo

PGD.2020-2021, Rotary Coordination Assistant zone 25A, GNTS Instructor 2021-2022, Dominican Republic Institute Academic Team, Club Bucaramanga Ciudad de los Parques. Contact: +57 (316) 273-0734 - Email: ago70@hotmail.com

Miguel Blanco del Castillo

Rotary Club Monteria II, Governor D4271, RY 2022 - 2023

José Rodrigo Diaz Rojas

Rotary Club Cali San Fernando, Governor D4281, RY 2022 - 2023


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